What does allowed mean?

allowed meaning in Urban Dictionary

whenever you allow somebody, you break all contact. Forget about email messages, txts, phone calls an such like. It's right for an ex., some body you're not buddies with more or simply anyone who you really aren't likely to match with more. Whenever act of allowance is conducted, after that see your face shall be "allowed". When this occurs there is a constant respond to any emails they deliver or get back any calls. In the event that you get as far as deleting them from your own contact number, address guide an such like. then they will be known as certainly permitted. You can allow a person, an object or a conference.

allowed meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "praised;" mid-15c., "assigned as a due share;" late 15c., "permitted," past participle adjective from allow.

allowed meaning in General Dictionary

of enable

allowed meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Allow

Sentence Examples with the word allowed

It is a matter of discussion whether, if fatigue is allowed for by the Weyrauch method, an additional allowance should be made for impact.

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