What does allotment letter mean?

allotment letter meaning in Law Dictionary

bill for securities that an applicant can have for a brand new concern. Its a certificate and that can be renounced on a specific date. The legal rights may be renounced or offered. It really is name to te liberties of sotck. AKA letter of allotment.

allotment letter meaning in Business Dictionary

Document that details and confirms the quantity or range securities allocated to an applicant for an innovative new problem or a rights problem. Provided generally as a certificate, it really is renounceable up to a stated date. The allottee stockholder (shareholder) may renounce it in support of another stockholder, or may offer his or her liberties. If acknowledged because of the allottee, it becomes the evidence of name on stockholding. Also called letter of allotment, it might be exchanged on a stock trade like security it represents.