What does allnighter hangover mean?

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An allnighter large inevitably leads to an allnighter crash. An allnighter crash often causes a nap. This nap contributes to an allnighter hangover.Like a normal hangover, an allnighter hangover is characterized by a splitting annoyance, sensitiveness to light, and basic total grumpiness. Unlike a typical hangover, however, an allnighter hangover, within the worst situation circumstances, can last for weeks. You are taking an allnighter, sleep it off in the early evening, after that get up with an allnighter hangover at around 10pm, upset but completely rested. This messes together with your chronological time clock, makes you just take another allnighter, together with pattern never finishes.Your life is now just one single lengthy, cyclical heap of shit, and all sorts of that to pass through one midterm.Was it worthwhile? WAS IT?