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the belief in presence of most things throughout types and places over all space and time - from thoughts to anti-matter, this system-less, heirarchy-less, leader-less, doctrine-less, rite-less, ritual-less understanding includes all probabilities and possibilities to be most likely true and/or positively true in just about any specific part of area and/or time whether actually manifested in atomic framework, natural framework, or completely fabricated in the mind of a sentient creature, and that any certain probability and/or possibility additionally may possibly not be true in addition in identical room and/or at yet another time and/or in another area, as it may or may not be true from another point of view or possibly for any wide range of other reason(s), and therefore and also this may or might not be real.. not the type of truth is recommended. it is to the perspective which will make truth or perhaps not, or there might be real truths, a truth, no truth all during the same times in every places and/or in numerous times in the same places and/or exactly the same times in numerous locations and/or differing times in numerous locations, or perhaps the point of view cannot have truth or one truth or some thing. Locations and times never also fundamentally exist. allism precludes absolutely nothing and yet excludes nothing.Allism may be the trust - the ism - in as well as actually All. a religion:1. Every thing occurs for a reason2. Every thing takes place when it comes to total good3. Everything that happens affects the future4. The world is a cone5. You can find multiple cone-universes6. Aspirations are separate universes7. Dream universes just exist for the duration of that dream8. All cone universes originated in the Big Bang dot, with regards to vertexes facing the top Bang dot.