What does alkaline mean?

alkaline meaning in General Dictionary

Of or related to an alkali or to alkalies having the properties of an alkali

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  • regarding or containing an alkali; having a pH more than 7
  • Of or pertaining to an alkali or even to alkalies; having the properties of an alkali.

alkaline meaning in Law Dictionary

answer or earth sample which have a ph standard of 7 or above.

alkaline meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "pertaining to alkalis," from alkali + -ine (1). Of soils, attested from 1850.

alkaline meaning in Cooking Dictionary

pH higher than 7. Alkalis such as for instance cooking soft drink (bicarbonate of soda) neutralize acids and react with acid ingredients as a leavener. Alkalis have actually too much hydroxyl ions when in option.

alkaline meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

home of experiencing increased pH or a minimal quantity of hydrogen ions.

alkaline meaning in Business Dictionary

Condition of an answer or soil whenever its pH is above 7.0.

alkaline meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or regarding an alkali or even alkalies; getting the properties of an alkali.

Sentence Examples with the word alkaline

The explanation is that in an alkaline medium at body heat nitroglycerin yields a nitrite, probably as a preliminary stage of resolution.

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