What does alimony mean?

alimony meaning in General Dictionary

Maintenance method of residing

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  • court-ordered support paid by one partner to a different after they are divided
  • Maintenance; way of residing.
  • An allowance designed to a wife off the woman spouse's estate or income on her behalf assistance, upon her divorce or appropriate separation from him, or during a match for the same.

alimony meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. support paid by one ex-spouse to another as ordered by a court in a divorce (dissolution) case. Alimony can be known as "spousal support" in Ca and some various other says. Typically its compensated by the male to their ex, but in some instances a wealthy girl may have to pay the woman spouse, or, in same-sex connections the "breadwinner" may spend to support his/her stay-at-home former partner. Many counties and states have actually followed remedies for alimony based on the earnings of every party. Repayment of alimony is generally restricted over time based on the period of time of wedding. Lengthy marriages may cause a very long time of repayments. A considerable change in scenario, like infection, retirement, or lack of income, could be grounds the courtroom to give a modification or termination of repayment. Failure to pay for ordered alimony may result in contempt of courtroom citations and even prison time. The degree of alimony are based on written arrangement and presented on courtroom for a stipulated purchase. Money tax-wise, alimony is allowable as a cost for payer and charged as earnings to your receiver. Child help is certainly not alimony.

alimony meaning in Finance Dictionary

cash paid to a divorced or divided partner following a divorce order.

alimony meaning in Law Dictionary

The allowance meant to a wife from her husband's estate on her help, either during a matrimonial match, or at its termination, whenever she proves by herself entitled to an independent upkeep, additionally the fact of a wedding is made. Alimony is an allowance out of the husband's property, designed for the help of this wife whenever living split from him. It really is often short-term or permanent. Code Ga. 1SS2,

alimony meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "nourishment," in addition "allowance to a wife from a husband's estate, or in specific cases of separation," from Latin alimonia "food, help, nourishment, sustenance," from alere "to nourish" (see old) + -monia suffix signifying action, condition, condition (cognate with Greek -men). Derived type palimony coined 1979.

alimony meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) repair; ways living.

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  • (letter.) An allowance made to a wife out-of her husband's estate or earnings on her behalf help, upon her separation or appropriate separation from him, or during a suit for the same.

Sentence Examples with the word alimony

About 80,000 went in payments on all the estates to the Land Bank, about 30,000 went for the upkeep of the estate near Moscow, the town house, and the allowance to the three princesses; about 15,000 was given in pensions and the same amount for asylums; 150,000 alimony was sent to the countess; about 70,000 went for interest on debts.

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