What does alienation mean?

alienation meaning in General Dictionary

The act of alienating or even the state to be alienated

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  • separation caused by hostility
  • the impression of being alienated from other individuals
  • (legislation) the voluntary and absolute transfer of name and control of real residential property in one person to another
  • the activity of alienating; the activity of causing in order to become unfriendly
  • The act of alienating, or the condition to be alienated.
  • A transfer of name, or a legal conveyance of home to some other.
  • A withdrawing or estrangement, as of the affections.
  • Mental alienation; derangement associated with mental traits; insanity; as, alienation of head.

alienation meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the transfer of title to real property, voluntarily and entirely. It doesn't apply to passions except that name, such home financing.

alienation meaning in Law Dictionary

In real property legislation. The transfer of this home and possession of places, tenements, or any other things, from one person to another. Terines de la Ley. It is especially put on absolute conveyances of genuine home. Conover v. Mutual Ins. Co., 1 N. Y. 290, 294. The act in which the name to real estate is voluntarily resigned by someone to another and acknowledged by the second, into the kinds prescribed by-law. The voluntary and full transfer from one individual another, relating to the complete and absolute exclusion, out of him just who alienates, of any staying interest or particle interesting, in thing sent; the entire transfer associated with the residential property and control of lands, tenements, or other items to another. Orrell v. Bay Mfg. Co.. S3 Skip. 800. 30 Southern. 501, 70 L. It. A. 881; Burl v. Insurance Co., 24 X. II. 558. 57 Am. Dec. 300: United States v. Schurz. 102 U. S. 378, 20 L. Ed. 107; Yining v. Willis, 40 Kan. 009, 20 Pac. 232. In medical jurisprudence. A generic term denoting different kinds or forms of mental aberration or derangement.  

alienation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"move of ownership," late 14c., from Old French alienacion and directly from Latin alienationem (nominative alienatio) "a transfer, surrender," noun of action from previous participle stem of alienare (see alienate). Moreover it intended "loss or derangement of psychological characteristics, insanity" (late 15c.), ergo alienist. Term alienation of love as a U.S. appropriate term in cases of divorce for "falling in love with somebody else" dates to 1861.

alienation meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Human resource administration: feeling of estrangement sensed by workers, mirrored inside their lack of heat towards business as well as in thinking that their particular job/work is not important with other aspects of their everyday lives. Alienation is caused commonly by elements eg a lack of involvement in even fundamental decision making, lack of individual contact, small expect improvement, and a sense of powerlessness. 2. Law: Voluntary, full, and without-reserve conveyance, sale, or transfer of a secured asset or residential property from 1 celebration to a different. In that loan contract or insurance policy, a borrower's or insured's right of alienation is normally limited by addition of alienation term.

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alienation meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of alienating, and/or state of being alienated.

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  • (n.) A transfer of name, or a legal conveyance of property to a different.
  • (n.) A withdrawing or estrangement, at the time of the affections.
  • (letter.) Mental alienation; derangement of mental characteristics; insanity; as, alienation of head.

Sentence Examples with the word alienation

In the case of protectorates over uncivilized countries it is usual to stipulate against alienation of territory without consent of the Oberstaat.

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