What does algae mean?

algae meaning in General Dictionary

plural of alga

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  • ancient chlorophyll-containing primarily aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking real stems and origins and will leave
  • of Alga

algae meaning in Urban Dictionary

algae are microscopic single-celled organisms that produce air.

algae meaning in Fishing Dictionary

plant organisms within both ponds and ponds.

algae meaning in Etymology Dictionary

(plural), 1794, from alga (single), 1550s, from Latin alga "seaweed," which is of unsure source, maybe from a PIE root definition "to putrefy, decompose."

algae meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Alga

Sentence Examples with the word algae

Their structure is eminently that of degenerate forms. Many frequent growths of coralline Algae and hydroid polyps, upon the juices of which they feed, and in some cases a species of gall is produced in hydroids by the penetration of the larval Pantopod into the tissues of the polyp.

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