What does alfalfa mean?

alfalfa meaning in General Dictionary

The lucern Medicago sativa a leguminous plant having bluish purple cloverlike blossoms and cultivated for fodder so called in California Texas etc

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  • essential European leguminous forage plant with trifoliate leaves and blue-violet blossoms grown commonly as a pasture and hay crop
  • leguminous plant grown for hay or forage
  • The lucern (Medicago sativa); -- so named in Ca, Tx, etc.

alfalfa meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1845, from Spanish alfalfa, early in the day alfalfez, from Arabic al-fisfisa "fresh fodder."

alfalfa meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A crop; frequently eaten by horses as a vital way to obtain fiber and protein. Alfalfa has actually compound leaves consists of three tiny leaves.

alfalfa - German to English

alfalfa [Medicago sativa]

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  • purple medic [Medicago sativa]

alfalfa meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The lucern (Medicago sativa); -- so called in California, Texas, an such like.

Sentence Examples with the word alfalfa

Barley and oats are grown for forage, but for this purpose alfalfa has become the staple, and without it the mountain packtrains could not be maintained.

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