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ohmagawsh alex evans (also called alex heartbreaker) is a toatally hot man.Sometimes familiar with change the phrase 'hot' or 'cool' or 'emo.'Also owns famous clothing line and got popularity and perchance fortune together with his beautful blue eyes and awesome puffle hair :D alex evans is a myspace "celebrity", the claim to their status is truthfully when you're a myspace whore. allows face it, he's maybe not "sweet" or "handsome" just some photoshpped abilities that play to his functions and just good photography (luckily). Let us be truthful a child doesn't have real skill, their followers may dissagree but many people will concur, lets face it he's got done nothing special.He has a clothing line labeled as "Impolite" and as somebody who does style, the model of their clothes appears low priced and trashy. The're just t-shirts that looks like it is often drawn on, its nothing special or not that creative.But we'll admit this, he could be good photographer, But i have seen better because form of their photography looks comparable wo other myspace whores so its nothing really speacial because i and alot of folks have seen better.He additionally joined the VMAN modeling contest, so that as a person who worked in a modelling agency, alex evans can not be a model, due to the fact that he's just 5'11 (as and so I have seen in the vman stats) and male models are 6'0 to 6'2, and indeed level inside business is a problem.Male models have large cheekbones, it’s this that many agencies like in a male design. After viewing menswear programs popular capitals, you will see that every male design which have strike the runway has actually high cheekbones and truthfully alex evans has not yet got them. But I have to acknowledge he's got lovley cheeks.Last but not the very least, alex evans look is recognized as is "too commercial" or "also typical". These terms on the market fundamentally ensures that there is certainly explanations why models looks so unique and unreal like making them look different to the typical human. All designs have a unique feature about them, and dont get me personally begun on alex evans eyes. They're therefore blatently photoshpped or its type of obvious which he wear connections etc.All though he doesn't fit the high manner modelling requirements, he's a photogenic individual and in their photographs you can observe a element of beauty.alex evans only better thank just who ever before developed photoshop because we have seen an unedited photo of him on a web page and trust me it isn't pleasant.In summary; alex evans is nothing special, only a myspace whore yet again he knows he's "famous" from the things I read in his old myspace, we'll understand he'll play up to his status and begin becoming an anoying attention/fame whore and then he'll have supporters just who simply admire him simply because they'll go after anyone on a social community who may have "fame" condition within the net.I'm sure the reality hurts.