What does alert mean?

alert meaning in General Dictionary

a security from a genuine or threatened attack an abrupt assault in addition a bugle sound to offer warning

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  • Watchful aware energetic in vigilance
  • fast and energetic
  • mentally perceptive and responsive
  • involved with or used to close observance
  • problem of increased watchfulness or planning to use it
  • warn or arouse to a feeling of danger or call to a situation of readiness
  • a warning acts to get you to more tuned in to risk
  • an automatic sign (usually a sound) warning of danger
  • Watchful; aware; energetic in vigilance.
  • Brisk; nimble; going with celerity.
  • An alarm from an actual or threatened attack; an abrupt assault; in addition, a bugle sound to provide warning.

alert meaning in Urban Dictionary

to get interest or to only state

alert meaning in Law Dictionary

warnig that recommends a dangerous level has-been achieved, a major accident or tragedy has actually occured, or typical events may be interupted due to repair works and uncontrollable events.

alert meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"on the watch," 1590s, from French alerte "vigilant" (17c.), from term

alert meaning in Business Dictionary

notice that (1) a threshold was reached (2) an event has taken place which could grow into a tragedy, (3) an interruption might occur as a result of planned activities eg repair works or a method improvement or, (4) a disruption might occur considering uncontrollable but anticipated activities such as a hurricane warning.

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alert meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Watchful; vigilant; energetic in vigilance.

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  • (a.) Brisk; nimble; moving with celerity.
  • (letter.) An alarm from a proper or threatened assault; a sudden attack; also, a bugle noise to give caution.

Sentence Examples with the word alert

An alert popped up on the screen before her as well as on her micro, and she opened it.

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