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A name for a woman that is well-liked by every person. She constantly features a huge look ready for everybody, and likes to be around other individuals. Can be very persistent and moody every so often, but she considers you as a buddy, she will be extremely loyal. In society frequently a rather popular individual. Smart, pretty, sort and energetic. In Eastern-European societies spelled such as this, in Western Societies often as Alexandra. Aleksandra may be the Eastern-European female form of title Alexander. Alexander is an old Greek name, therefore "men's defender/warrior". It really is a name, that was originally associated into Greek goddess Hera.Aleksandra is normally a strong, opinionated girl with great frontrunner abilities. She frequently is brunette.Nicknames for Aleksandra are: Aleks, Aleksandrina, Aleksandrinka, Sashca, Sasha, Sashinka