What does aleatory mean?

aleatory meaning in General Dictionary

according to some unsure contingency as an aleatory contract

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  • influenced by possibility
  • Dependent on some unsure contingency; as, an aleatory agreement.

aleatory meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. uncertain; frequently applied to insurance agreements in which repayment is based on the occurrence of a contingent event, particularly injury to the insured individual in a major accident or fire problems for his insured building.

aleatory meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"of uncertain result," virtually "depending on the throw of a die," 1690s, from Latin aleatorius "pertaining to a gamester," from aleator "a dice player," from alea "a-game with dice; chance, threat, threat; a die, the dice;" maybe virtually "a joint-bone, a pivot-bone," and linked to axis.

aleatory meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Dependent on some uncertain contingency; because, an aleatory agreement.