What does alcohols mean?

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chemical compound which has had carbon, hydrogen, and air. They could be solid, fluid, or insoluable. They truly are familiar with offer as liquor or as a cleaner. Ethyl liquor is AKA ethanol.

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Family name of several natural compounds consists of carbon, hydrogen, and air. Considered hydroxyl-derivatives of hydrocarbons, they are made by replacing more than one hydrogen atoms by oxygen-hydrogen (OH) pair. Depending on the complexity of the particles, alcohols are fluids or solids, some of which (called lower alcohols) tend to be water soluble while others (called higher alcohols) tend to be insoluble. Apart from for affecting person behavior when imbibed, they're mainly used as solvents plus the manufacture of surfactants. The alcohol produced by natural fermentation procedure and consumed as liquor (brandy, rum, whisky, etc.) is ethyl alcoholic beverages, known additionally as ethanol.

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Meyer (Ber., 18 94, 2 7, p. 510 et seq.) showed that in benzenoid compounds ortho-substituents exert a great hindering effect on the esterification of alcohols by acids in the presence of hydrochloric acid, this hindering being particularly marked when two substituents are present in the ortho positions to the carboxyl group. In such a case the ester is best prepared by the action of an alkyl halide on the silver salt of the acid, and when once prepared, can only be hydrolysed with great difficulty.

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