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An antiquated way of circulating songs paths also audio content, made popular during an era whenever vinyl disks were used to transport sound tracks. A vinyl disc labeled as a "record" would include a contiguous set of songs through the exact same or related musicians, often composing an overarching motif across numerous, bought tracks. Later on, this medium had been replaced by cassette tape and small disc.the definition of has come to explain the production of numerous paths from same artist at a time, without fundamentally a unifying theme or order, and it is often just accustomed indicate an amount rebate for a bulk buy of such audio tracks in digital structure. An individual who is in a relationshipThe opposite of single (Offensive Term)Relates To Pregnancy/Birth This term comes from a badly made video by 'Sam & Kate' which a person is decapitated when an oversized CD (maybe not accurate documentation) is thrown at him Frisbee style.Verb: to maim/kill some one with an unconventional weopon or through stupid activity.Adjective: Dangerous, pointless, and requiring massive emotional instability.