What does albino chupacabra mean?

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the cousin of every single day seen chupacabra. a beast known for its raging hard nipples that can develop to at the very least 2 legs. the erect nipples are utilized as each of a lure and a self protection apparatus. whenever hungry or erect it will probably make use of its hard nipples to attract in small creatures like bunny's and squirrels, which she or he will attack or screw toward death. his gigantic nipple are a form of self-defense. if under attack the albino chupacabra would start moving his nipple. (by our researches, it is stated that getting hit by a albinos chupacabra is equivalent to getting struck by 2 buses. amazing.)in addition to moving his/her erect nipples wildly. he/she will lactate. causing loss of sight.a albino chupacabra is described as a chupacabra with pale white skin, huge nipples, and often a gaping but opening for male or a gagina when it comes to feminine.