What does albigenses mean?

albigenses meaning in General Dictionary

A sect of reformers opposed to the church of Rome inside twelfth centuries

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  • a Christian spiritual sect in southern France when you look at the twelfth and 13th hundreds of years; believers in Albigensianism
  • Alt. of Albigeois

albigenses meaning in General Dictionary

(n. pl.) Alt. of Albigeois

Sentence Examples with the word albigenses

On the other hand, sanctity of life on the part of the minister is not necessary in order to the validity of the sacraments which he confers, although this was held to be the case by the Donatists in the 4th century, and following them by the Waldensians and Albigenses in the 12th, and by the followers of Hus and Wycliffe in the 14th.

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