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'Albern' is a german term, an adjective.It means beeing silly, crazy & strange however in a sweet means …The word 'albern' is certainly caused by beeing employed by songs followers in mention of the british musician Damon Albarn everytime he decides to use one thing funny. Sometimes you notice german football mother's utilizing it whenever their particular young children pretend their particular dogs or something…Itis also very fitted for grown guys which put on limits created for new-born babies, or rappers putting on shower hats;Oh, yeahIn english, It's pronounced: 'OL-BURN' actually …;It's best used as an understatement!

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Noble warrior.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

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  • anserine [rare] [silly]
  • clownish
  • daft [Br.] [coll.]
  • ditzy [sl.] [silly]
  • fatuous
  • fatuously
  • foolish
  • foolishly
  • trick [Am.] [rare] [foolish]
  • footling
  • frivolous
  • giggly
  • goofy [Am.] [coll.]
  • inanely
  • inept [foolish]
  • ludicrous
  • ludicrously
  • ridiculous
  • sillily
  • absurd
  • simpering
  • simperingly
  • stupid
  • to fool about