What does albatross mean?

albatross meaning in General Dictionary

an internet footed bird for the genus Diomedea that there are numerous species These are the largest of ocean wild birds capable of long-continued flight as they are often seen at great distances from land These are typically discovered mainly when you look at the southern hemisphere

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  • (figurative) a thing that hinders or handicaps
  • big web-footed wild birds of this southern hemisphere having very long thin wings; noted for powerful gliding trip
  • A web-footed bird, of this genus Diomedea, which there are several species. These are the largest of sea birds, capable of long-continued journey, and so are usually seen at great distances from the land. These are typically found chiefly inside south hemisphere.

albatross meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, most likely from Spanish or Portuguese alcatraz "pelican" (16c.), possibly based on Arabic al-ghattas "sea eagle" [Barnhart]; or from Portuguese alcatruz "the bucket of a water-wheel" [OED], from Arabic al-qadus "machine for attracting liquid, jar" (from Greek kados "jar"), in mention of the pelican's pouch (compare Arabic saqqa "pelican," actually "water carrier"). In either case, the spelling was affected by Latin albus "white." The name ended up being extended, through some error, by English sailors to a larger sea-bird (order Tubinares). Albatrosses were considered best of luck by sailors; figurative feeling of "burden" (1936) is from Coleridge's "Rime of this Ancient Mariner" (1798) concerning the misfortune of a sailor just who shoots an albatross and is obligated to put on its corpse as an illustration which he, perhaps not the complete ship, offended resistant to the bird. The prison-island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay is named for pelicans that roosted truth be told there.

albatross meaning in Sports Dictionary

A score of three under par regarding given gap. It is an uncommon picture on a scorecard, but can happen when a person holes a method chance to a par five. (recreation: Golf)

albatross meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A web-footed bird, of the genus Diomedea, that there are numerous types. They are the largest of sea birds, with the capacity of long-continued flight, and are usually seen at great distances from land. These are generally found chiefly within the southern hemisphere.

Sentence Examples with the word albatross

Sailors capture the bird for its long wing-bones, which they manufacture into tobacco-pipe stems. The albatross lays one egg; it is white, with a few spots, and is about 4 in.

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