What does albacore mean?

albacore meaning in General Dictionary

A name applied to a few large fishes of Mackerel family members Scombridae esp Thunnus alalunga previously Orcynus alalonga it really is a kind of tuna or tunny title has been in addition put on a more substantial related species Thunnus thynnus previously Orcynus thynnus common when you look at the Mediterranean and Atlantic called in New England the horse-mackerel

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  • reasonably small tuna with choice white flesh; major source of canned tuna
  • big pelagic tuna the foundation on most canned tuna; hits 93 pounds and contains long pectoral fins; found global in exotic and temperate waters
  • See Albicore.

albacore meaning in Etymology Dictionary

large selection of tuna, 1570s, from Portuguese albacora, from Arabic al bakara "milk cow;" the fish so-called for its dimensions.

albacore meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Albacore is a high-fat tuna with light skin and a mild flavor. Present temperate marine waters around the world, it weighs in at between 10 and 60 pounds. It will be the just tuna which can be known as white, and most high-priced canned tuna.

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  • an extremely prized, mild:flavored tuna that weighs between 10 and 60 weight. This large:fat fish could be the just tuna that will actually be called "white." It's the most high-priced selection of canned tuna.