What does alarmist mean?

alarmist meaning in General Dictionary

One prone to sound or excite alarms particularly needless alarms

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  • an individual who alarms others needlessly
  • One vulnerable to appear or excite alarms, especially, unnecessary alarms.

alarmist meaning in Urban Dictionary

a person who is always jumping to conclusions or thinking the worst. Anyone is generally scared of anything bad happening for them.

alarmist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"one addicted to sounding alarms," 1793, from security (n.) + -ist.

alarmist meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One susceptible to appear or stimulate alarms, particularly, unnecessary alarms.

Sentence Examples with the word alarmist

The educated classes characteristically furnished Federalism with a remarkable body of alarmist leaders; and thus it happened that Jefferson, because, with only a few of his great contemporaries, he had a thorough trust and confidence in the people, became the idol of American democracy.

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