What does alapuakai mean?

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a hawaiian name, not necessarily belonging to a hawaiian individual. but if they're not hawaiian, they are..at <3. it is also a girls name, fyi. she actually is caring, an excellent bestfriend. provides very very advice and is some body you can consider for a shoulder to cry on, or if you want to vent to somebody, this woman is anyone to visit. she will consume, more than you might ever imagine, but remains frigging skinny! outbound and sort. she requires an umbrella. alapuakais generally text fast, quickly. very good at informing jokes, but occasionally slow once you tell the girl a joke :D she dyes her tresses to hide the blondeness ;) wise, she will outsmart all y'all (I am uncertain if "outsmart" is a word, I believe it really is though) insanely dangerous motorist, however by some miracle, you still live!