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an unusual strain of mythological creature that lives in woodland of magical silliness. They feed on goober blossoms, and they are everlastign opponents would be the cannablistic trolls. They're usually troubled by humorically driven planet dwellers whom pass thorugh their forest looking for their particular frontrunner, the peach lotion man. The dwarfs diet is made from goober blossoms, however they also enjoy feasting on curdled caulliflower alongside vegetarian meals. The ultimate luxury meal when it comes to dwarfs would integrate bad artichoke hearts drizzled with sauce from a maggot inveted tomato.Alabaster dwarfs usually mate more or less three hundred and sixty five times a year, nevertheless kiddies often perish shortly after beginning. One in sixty hundred and 28 dwarf young ones survive. their young feast upon the scabs of their grandmothers injuries, which fall off every time a brand new kid is born. They go on scabs until their eyes develop in. This takes about 1 week. Then the young ones tend to be kicked out from the clan going and live on their particular own.Alabaster dwarfs usually travel in groups of four or five, as well as live in oversized patches of bad peaches. They also bathe when you look at the peach liquid, which male dwarfs look for irrisistable. This really is very useful as soon as the unattractive feminine dwarfs tend to be desprete for a mate.It is presumed that by 2010, all alabaster dwarfs is over taken by the cannabilistic trolls. Alabaster breeding happens to be set in place, to try and save yourself their particular species, however it is apparent that they're essentially doomed to fail.If you want to attempt to make an effort to save your self the Dwarfs, feel free to donate to the protect The Alabaster Dwarfs Foundation (SADF).