What does al dente mean?

al dente meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1935, Italian, virtually "to the tooth," from Latin dent (see enamel).

al dente meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Meaning to cook until it gives a small resistance whenever bitten-not overcooked or undercooked; meaning "enamel" in Italian

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  • Italian definition "towards the tooth". Familiar with explain a food, often spaghetti, that is cooked only until it gives a small weight whenever one bites engrossed; the foodstuff is neither soft nor overdone.
  • This Italian appearance definition "by the enamel" describes pasta cooked a shorter time so that it recently slight weight when chewed. Fresh spaghetti is just too soft already is prepared al dente. The expression also describes preparing veggies until crisp by steaming, boiling, or stir:frying. Example
  • [Italian] a phrase, indicating "into bite." Actually "into the tooth," used to explain the perfect degree of doneness for spaghetti and veggies. This isn't exactly a procedure, but a sensory evaluation for deciding once the meals is finished cooking. Pasta should keep a slight weight when biting into it, but should not have a difficult center.

al dente meaning in General Dictionary

of pasta cooked in order to be firm whenever consumed

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al dente