What does akiba kei mean?

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Akiba-kei or Akiba-chan is a Japanese slang term comparable in meaning to otaku.Akiba-kei actually indicates "Akihabara design," talking about a district in Tokyo filled up with stores selling electronic devices, manga, anime merchandise, as well as other items built to interest the otaku subculture.Akiba-kei specifically relates to guys in their 20's and 30's who reside in or just around Tokyo and invest their particular pleasurable in Akihabara. Their particular passions are especially focused upon idols, erotic PC games, model figurines and manga. However, sporadically this relates to young people (often including ladies) which appear to be a geek (otaku), regardless if he or she is maybe not really one or has not visited either Akihabara or other 'geek-chic' destination. More or less, today Akiba-kei is employed as a synonym of 'creepy people'.It works extremely well self-mockingly by Akiba-kei themselves or their friends, neutrally by Akiba-kei amongst themselves, or adversely much like the English term geek; although in wider Japanese tradition the word "otaku" is in more widespread use, and has now the usually bad connotation.The term was popularized in mainstream Japanese culture due to the 2005 movie, and subsequent television series, Densha-otoko.