What does akaash Akaash mean?

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an Indian title that means "Sky"somebody dependable, reliable. Some body easy to chat to.Also once you love some one, it is known in India that they are your "Saara Akaash" indicating your "Whole Sky" a title from the Hindu origin meaning "the sky".When you satisfy a person with this name, you understand he could be the sweetest and most comprehending individual online. He looks difficult, but once you understand him sufficiently, you can observe exactly how sensitive and painful he could be. Akaashs tend to be loving and caring and they are great lovers during intercourse. He could be also really hardworking and well-known therefore you should not be offended if he has grounds for maybe not meeting up with you. When you yourself have a guy like this in your lifetime, you may be extremely lucky.And as he smiles, you are able to never end smiling straight back.