What does ajar mean?

ajar meaning in General Dictionary

In a state of discord regarding balance while he is ajar because of the world

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  • a little turned or unsealed given that door was standing ajar
  • a little available
  • Slightly turned or established; because, the entranceway was standing ajar.
  • In circumstances of discord; from equilibrium; because, he could be ajar with society.

ajar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1718, possibly from Scottish dialectal a char "somewhat available," previously char (very early 16c.), from center English char, from Old English cier "a change."

ajar meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Somewhat switched or unsealed; since, the entranceway had been standing ajar.

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  • (adv.) In a state of discord; regarding harmony; because, he's ajar using the globe.

Sentence Examples with the word ajar

Her door was ajar and the chill from an open window washed over him.

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