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The modern same in principle as the Middle Passage a transportation business that is likely to get you in one coast to the other in a several hours it is permitted by the FAA and Dept. of Transportation to abuse its consumers by trapping them all day at the same time on the floor without access to liquid, treats, or your bathroom; and dropping your pricey baggage--only to come back it for you weeks later plus in bad condition; and undoubtedly having chairs that are dangerously thin incase you were fat, they should get an additional seat; and the aircraft's operator is drunk. A Chem-trail,(chemical trail)a poisonous mixture of Viruses,heavy metals,dioxin and radioactive waste,which is dispersed by NWO & U.N. jets for the intended purpose of committing genocide from the people of planet; in addition one of several techniques familiar with disperse stated bio-toxins;airlines:American;Delta;TWA;Japan,etc.