What does airline mean?

airline meaning in General Dictionary

an organization usually commercial or government providing transport by aircraft for freight or individuals The term includes the company its workers gear and other properties such as for example approved environment tracks

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  • a hose that holds air under pressure
  • a business enterprise providing you with scheduled flights for individuals

airline meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally air-line, 1813, "beeline, straight-line between two points on the planet's area" (since through the environment, as opposed to over surface; from 1853 as well as in later 19c. especially in reference to railways that ran directly between huge metropolitan areas inside U.S. in the place of meandering from city to city searching for stock subscriptions as very early railways typically did), from air (n.1) + range (n.). Meaning "public aircraft transportation company" is from 1914.

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Sentence Examples with the word airline

Paul waved and announced something about leaving tomorrow, the soonest they could get an airline booking from Montrose.

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