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An advanced breakdancing (or bboying for purists) move. Calling for many power and balance, airflares have actually a remarkable gravity defying appearance. A power-based breakdancing move frequently next footwork or raotation and momentum based energy techniques, enabling an approach to transition in one proceed to another, build momentum or maintain energy when thinking about what direction to go next. It's notably like a swipe, but at no point to feet touch the floor. This is often done as soon as are with several airflares (also known as airtracks, airtrax, airswipes) in succession. The human body isn't perpendiculrar toward floor, however with an inferior perspective which can defer from B-boy to B-boy (or B-girl, as it might be). Feet are spread out significantly, and your hands are typical that touch the floor. Vaulting of 1 hand, the human body starts to rotate in the air and supply that released swings round with the human anatomy. The other arm releases plus the rotation continues. Eventually, both of your hands will land in accordance with momentum increased or intact, the positioning just before execution is once more used, ready for a transition or any other airflare. The landing specifically calls for great supply energy, and all from it needs great stability to prevent toppling over when you look at the slanted handstand or landing awkwardle.