What does aircraft mean?

aircraft meaning in General Dictionary

Any car such as for example a plane helicopter balloon etc for drifting in or flying through air

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  • a car that will travel

aircraft meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1851, originally in reference to airships and balloons, from air (n.1) + art (n.); a term from sailing, as were numerous early aviation terms. Of airplanes from 1907 and since 1930s solely of these. Aircraft company is attested from 1919 (H.M.S. Hermes, established September 1919, was the very first ship become built from the hull up as an aircraft company).

Sentence Examples with the word aircraft

As a member of the Senate committee on military affairs during the World War he took part in investigations which resulted in a reorganization of the ordnance and quartermaster departments as well as the aircraft production board.

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