What does air pollutant mean?

air pollutant meaning in Law Dictionary

material in air that will damage in a high concentration. They can be solid, fluid, or fuel. They truly are in 2 teams. The initial group comes from an identified team. The second arises from communications between pollutants.

air pollutant meaning in Business Dictionary

Any compound in atmosphere that could, in sufficient focus, harm animals, people, plant life, and/or products. Such toxins could be present as solid particles, fluid droplets, or gases. Air pollutants belong to two main teams: (1) those emitted from recognizable resources and, (2) those formed in the air by conversation between other toxins. Over 100 environment pollutants being identified, which include halogen substances, nitrogen substances, air substances, radioactive compounds, sulphur (sulfur) substances, and volatile natural chemicals (VOC).