What does ailanthus mean?

ailanthus meaning in General Dictionary

just like Ailantus

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  • any one of a number of deciduous Asian trees associated with genus Ailanthus
  • Identical To Ailantus.

ailanthus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"tree of heaven," 1807, contemporary Latin, from Amboyna (Malay) ailanto "tree of the gods;" spelling changed by influence of Greek anthos "flower" (see anther).

ailanthus - German to English

tree of heaven / tree-of-heaven [Ailanthus altissima, syn.: A. glandulosa / glandulosus, A. peregrina, A. rhodoptera, Ailantus rhodoptera, Toxicodendron altissimum]

ailanthus meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) identical to Ailantus.

Sentence Examples with the word ailanthus

A silk spinning moth, the ailanthus moth (Bombyx or Philosamia cynthia), lives on its leaves, and yields a silk more durable and cheaper than mulberry silk, but inferior to it in fineness and gloss.

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