What does aid and abet mean?

aid and abet meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. help commit a crime. Legal counsel redundancy since abet suggests help, which lends credence to your old rumor that solicitors had previously been paid by the word.

aid and abet meaning in Law Dictionary

In criminal law. That type of connection with the payment of a crime which, at common law, rendered the individual responsible as a principal into the second degree. It consisted in-being present at that time and put, and doing some act to render help into real perpetrator of the criminal activity, though without using a primary share with its commission. See 4 Bl. Comm. 34; Peo ple v. Dole, 122 Cal. 486, 55 Pac. 5S1, 68 Am. St. Rep. 50; State v. Tally, 102 Ala. 25, 15 South. 722; State v. Jones, 115 Iowa, 113, 88 N. W. 196; State v. Cox, 65 Mo. 29, 33.

aid and abet meaning in Business Dictionary

To assist in overall performance of an offense, either before or during (although not after) its payment. See in addition accessory.

Sentence Examples with the word aid and abet

Here also psychology, by its elucidation of the important part which instinctive appetites and animal impulses play in the development of intelligence, still more perhaps by arguments (based largely upon the examination of hypnotic subjects or the phenomena of fixed ideas) which show the permanent influence of irrational or semi-rational suggestions or habits upon human conduct, has done much to aid and abet idealists in their contentions.

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