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1. The initial Chinese personality for love. In "ai" there is the Chinese character for "heart" because you love along with your heart.2. The Japanese term for love, borrowed through the Chinese, it's the exact same personality and meaning. Abbreviation of Synthetic Intellegence. Never properly recognized by Caboose (from Red vs. Blue) The short for synthetic Intelligence, whereby computers "learn" from carrying out tasks and their results becoming classed as "good" or "bad", resulting in the computer or program to strive for "good" results much more often.Often incorrectly believed or regularly imply that a pc or system happens to be sentient and capable think and work by itself. Artificial IntelligenceSomething to explain the intelligence of a computer-controlled charecter - ally or opponent - mainly found in games 1. The term (Juelz Santana, person in The Diplomats, is screaming away everyday. He thinks it's important you spell it "ai" rather than ey, ay or something.The term itself does not mean a shit, its only cool to shout.2. The chinese and japanese word, and sign, for love.3. The initials of Allen Iverson, top basketballplayer.4. A movie about a robot produced by Steven Spielberg (the book was better!!!!!!!!!!) An exclamation, often one of surprise or shock. Not to ever be mistaken for AI, aye, or ai, the Chinese term for love.Probably arises from the father of Rings fandom, where its occasionally employed by elves. Initials of TWO Sixers' most useful people (Sorry C-Webb) - Allen Iverson and Andre Iguodala.