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typical Japanese phrase, short for "ah therefore desu ka"."Ah" suggests "ah" like in English."So" implies "that type of thing" or "in that way"."Desu ka" (pronounced "des-ka") implies "is it"? Desu is the verb is, and ka causes it to be a question.So the meaning is "oh, that's exactly how it is." United states means of composing the typical Japanese term "Aa! Sou?" which means that, "Oh truly?" It's found in conversation, to not answer a concern or respond to some thing, but quite simply to let your partner realize you are paying attention. It does not require a response. 1)a word that really acknowedledge any kind of declaration or news.2)Also stated by old asian men in cheesey kung fu movies3) Short for "ah, it really is so"