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These types of species tend to be an infamous breed into town of Austin, TX. Sons regarding the inhabitants of Tarrytown, punkasses typically go against the rulemakers to prove not only their masculinity nor the extravagant size of their particular wangles, but to establish their position into the hierarchy of punkasses. The first choice of herd is very easily named he who gets men and women many throad. The ritual starts when the dominant male(s) gets pretty throwed and starts their purchase of unlawful substances at Speedway or Rashish's "parrrty-mon" Shell petrol section. Fabricated appropriate documents would be the approach to acquisition, and punkasses merely laugh at any kind of police force. Given that ceremonial procession continues, punkasses may hesitate inside their transport to heckle stupid bitches talking on their mobile phones. The echoing of a "Fucking CUNT bitch!" or "Oh, here come my buttcheeks" is heard from kilometers around, and non-punkasses cringe at the considered such an encounter. The sacred "headdress", if you will, is crowned as soon as a destination is reached, hence your head punkass is instantly recognized with a beer bong, fat pinch, ice-cold cooler, and "i'm THROAD" beckonings through the driveway. Everything stops. Hot biatches and other punkasses pause in respectful silence. The principle takes the commencement beer-bong (the multiple maintenance of plunge is a demonstration of ability), and tribe chugs in recognition. All members accept the truth that they're going to extremely perhaps end up in the emrgency room by 4am, or obtain a sexually-transmitted infection whoever source won't be recalled once more. Driving while intoxicated is seldom a worry, but due to the punkasses' perfected skill of inebriated maneuverage. Daytime schedules usually revolve all over place of “education”, that is laughable because punkasses tend to be intoxicated, stoned, or dipping almost 100per cent of the time in school. Thus, the acronym “AHS” should be one of them species’ category. Austin senior high school laws are the most pitiful of all of the, the guidelines being a demonstration of reverse psychology. For-instance, whenever “Everybody head to class!” is heard, punkasses result in the additional effort to loaf about in the hallways, putting the remnants of these lunches at any authority figure. Whenever guidelines are built in regards to the designated regions of parking, an AHS punkass will motivate buddies to do it anyway, fabricating shitty parking passes as a primary insult towards the cleverness regarding the predominantly-minority administration. (Wetbacks generally speaking possess IQ of a retarded 4-year-old.) Hence, anarchy abounds at “school” and guidelines are created to be damaged. Texas public knowledge has actually often already been equated to Disneyland because of the US governments. Just take warning people of Austin: Whenever you fuck with a “minimal Bitch”, a “Beebop”, a “’Bil”, an “Uncle Albert”, or just about any other sub-species of AHS punkass, the battle will immediately be taken to your doorstep. Whether in tire-mark or perhaps in log kind, repercussions will not be pleasant, and Tx police companies usually do not advise communication with AHS punkasses. Even though the outcomes of the this species isn't sensed particularly hard around the world yet, within twenty years economists estimate that the globe will be overrun together with them. Fucking like rabbits, these punkasses rapidly breed to-and-fro, in this way and therefore, until numerous hot biatches tend to be impregnated using the after that generation. As a result of some unexplained event, AHS punkasses are also capable of going to more prestigious universities in the country, and will also be totally banking within the next ten years. Naturally all earnings will be instantly invested in the alcohol industry.