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The effective revolution of Ahmed assistance and adoration which begun to sweep the world from beginning of 'government 5' in belated May 2004.Similar to past '-manias' in general,notably it really is power to unite hundreds of thousands from all areas of community in one wave of focused euphoria and commitment,it's supporters also manifest an aforeseen,all-encompassing desire to see their particular Housemate suceed and storm-with their support-to success,yet on an unprecidented scale.Apart from powerful adoration of Ahmed,being hit by Ahmania frequently triggers a number of key significant effects,constisting mainly of,but not limited totally to-i)the need to destroy crockery and/or other utensils into the many spectacular manner possible;preferably through releasing at any nearby jacuzzi/spa construction,ii)the sudden revolution of near continual listlessness causing supporters to crave unconventionally length times of rest,iii)the need to defend Ahmed against any criticism;with no respect the critic or nature of opinion,though through construction of very effective and intellectual counter-argument,and iv)a should register your undying admiration,and at the same time distribute the nice word of Ahmed through connection with effective and expanise Ahmania fuelled organisations.However,'Ahmania' is certainly not quickly defined-it induces in those it hits a spectacularly different spectrum of thoughts and impacts;all united because of the one,powerful,overriding desire to have Ahmed('the truly amazing One')to win. The ficticious characteristic fond of an in the beginning set aside big brother housemate to offer all of them self-confidence so interact much more using various other housemates. 'Ahmanania' has also been a bit of enjoyable because of it's male creators, nevertheless with this new-found identification 'Ahmania' took on a life of it's own with a few disastorous concequences including plate smashing, manequin beheading and defiance from regular tasks. Hawaii of head in which certain people perform extreme functions of destruction, as seen in government 5.