What does ahimsa mean?

ahimsa meaning in Urban Dictionary

an event or gather, derivated through the Jain word "ahimsa" for nonviolence or non-harm

ahimsa meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1875, from Sanskrit ahimsa, from a "without" + himsa "injury."

ahimsa meaning in General Dictionary

a Buddhist and Hindu and particularly Jainist doctrine holding that types of life are sacred and urging the avoidance of assault

ahimsa meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Skr.) Non-injury, an ethical concept applicable to all or any lifestyle beings and subscribed to by many Hindus. In practice it could indicate, e.g., abstaining from animal meals, relinquishing war, rejecting all considered using life, regarding all living beings akin. It's led to these types of diverse phenomena since the Buddhist's sweeping the road before him or straining water, the virtually reverential mindset toward the cow, and Gandhi's non-violent resistence promotion. -- K.F.L.