What does agronomy mean?

agronomy meaning in General Dictionary

The handling of land rural economic climate agriculture

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  • the effective use of earth and plant sciences to land management and crop manufacturing
  • The management of land; rural economy; farming.

agronomy meaning in Urban Dictionary

one that tills the earth of this individual head.

agronomy meaning in Law Dictionary

the analysis of how crops and land tend to be managed by farmers. The study is done because of the division of farming and therefore are known as agronomists. Experiments tend to be operate on crops on a big scale.

agronomy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"science of land administration for crop manufacturing," 1814, from French agronomie, from Greek agronomos "overseer of land," from agros "field" (see acre) + -nomos "law or custom, administering," associated with nemein "manage" (see numismatic). Relevant: Agronomist; agronomic.

agronomy meaning in Business Dictionary

the analysis of an unit of agriculture working with crop production and management of farm land. Individuals devoted to agronomy are referred to as Agronomists and often run experiments on major plants.

agronomy meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The handling of land; outlying economic climate; farming.