What does ago mean?

ago meaning in General Dictionary

Past gone-by since as 10 years ago gone sometime ago

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  • previously
  • gone-by; or in the last
  • Past; gone-by; since; as, 10 years ago; gone sometime ago.

ago meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., reduced kind of Old English agan, agone "departed, died," past participle of an obsolete verb ago "to go forth," formed from a- "away" (maybe right here utilized as an intensive prefix) + gan "go" (see go (v.)). Agone remains a dialectal variant.

ago meaning in General Dictionary

(a. & adv.) Last; gone by; because; because, ten years ago; gone long ago.

Sentence Examples with the word ago

Whether you are rich or poor, live in the developed world or the developing world, life today is better and easier than it was a century ago by virtually any measure.

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