What does agile manufacturing mean?

agile manufacturing meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever an instant turnaround is desired from little group lots. Information technology reduces price and information flows to easily. Refer to manufacturing resource planning MRPII.

agile manufacturing meaning in Fashion Dictionary

clothing manufacturing that makes use of a modular production system. In standard production workers tend to be arranged into teams that really work together to create a whole garment. Contrary to the bundle system, in which one worker does an assembly task, after that bundles the materials together and passes all of them to some other worker who does another task, the standard system is much more efficient and flexible.

agile manufacturing meaning in Business Dictionary

is aimed at fast turnaround of small group lots at competitive cost. Nimble producers utilize I . t in device control and manufacturing preparation, and also to leverage decision making abilities and quicker movement of information among all departments. See in addition manufacturing resource planning (MRP II).