What does aggrieved party mean?

aggrieved party meaning in Law Dictionary

Under statutes granting just the right of interest the party aggrieved by an order or wisdom, the party aggrieved is one whoever pecuniary interest is directly afflicted with the adjudication; one whoever right of home may be set up or divested thereby. Ruff v. Montgomery, 83 Miss. 185. 30 Southern. 07; McFarland v. Pierce, 151 Ind. 540. 45 X. E. 700; Lamar v. Lamar, 118 Ga. 084. 45 S. E. 498; Smith v. Bradstreet. 10 choose. (Mass.) 204; Bryant v. Allen, 0 X. H. 110: Wiggin v. Swett, 6 Mete. (Size.) 194. 39 Am. Dec. 710; Tillinghast v. Brown University, 24 R. I. 179, 52 Atl. 891; Lowery v. Lowery, 04 X. C. 110; Raleigh v. Rogers, 25 X. J. Eq. 500. Or one against who mistake happens to be committed. Kinealy v. Macklin, 07 Mo. 95.

aggrieved party meaning in Business Dictionary

Entity whose appropriate monetary, individual, or home rights being denied or infringed by another party's action or inaction, or because of the sales or wisdom of a court.