What does aggressor mean?

aggressor meaning in General Dictionary

The person who first assaults or tends to make an aggression he whom begins hostility or a quarrel an assailant

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  • an individual who strikes
  • a confident assertive one who acts as instigator
  • The person who first attacks or makes an aggression; he whom begins hostility or a quarrel; an assailant.

aggressor meaning in Urban Dictionary

The person who attempts to spit game] or get with a person for a potential relationship] or a one night stand]. This individual need to do every thing perfect, of course he/she messes up one-time they probably will not get anything.Being an effective aggressor takes training, as you can't say for sure just what the other person desires you to definitely state. You need to be yourself but in addition extremely smooth] and things should work out however if they don't really then you know among 2 things1. Your strategy had been bad, he or she would not enjoy it, and thinks that defines just who you may be that they aren't looking for.2. These are typicallyn't within the state of mind or situation is talking with guys/girls thereon degree. They may have a boyfriend/girlfriend and get really committed or simply just ain't tryna talk bout that right quick

aggressor meaning in Law Dictionary

The party which very first offers physical violence or offense. He just who starts a quarrel or dispute, either by threatening or striking another.

aggressor meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from Latin aggressor, broker noun from aggredi "to approach, attack" (see aggression).

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aggressor meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The one who first assaults or makes an aggression; he who begins hostility or a quarrel; an assailant.

Sentence Examples with the word aggressor

In 1869 an Irish lad, O'Connor, was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment and a whipping for presenting a pistol at the queen, with a petition, in St James's Park; but this time it was the queen herself who privately remitted the corporal punishment, and she even pushed clemency to the length of sending her aggressor to Australia at her own expense.

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