What does aggression mean?

aggression meaning in General Dictionary

1st attack or act of hostility the initial work of damage or first act causing a war or a controversy unprovoked attack assault as a war of aggression ldquoAggressions of powerrdquo

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  • a sense of hostility that arouses thoughts of assault
  • a disposition to behave aggressively
  • the act of initiating hostilities
  • intentionally unfriendly behavior
  • violent action that is hostile and in most cases unprovoked
  • the very first attack, or act of hostility; the first act of injury, or first act leading to a war or a debate; unprovoked assault; attack; as, a war of hostility. "Aggressions of power."

aggression meaning in Law Dictionary

Harmful behavior. It can be physical or mental and could have built-up for quite some time. The work are directed at people or a thing.

aggression meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "unprovoked assault," from French aggression (16c.), from Latin aggressionem (nominative aggressio) "a going to, an attack," noun of action from past participle stem of aggredi "to approach; assault," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + gradi (past participle gressus) "to move," from gradus "one step" (see class (letter.)). Emotional feeling of "hostile or destructive behavior" initially recorded 1912 in A.A. Brill's interpretation of Freud.

aggression meaning in Sports Dictionary

utilized by the athlete to channel their might to win anyway chances and determination to give up their particular or their particular opponents, figures when you look at the cause of victory. (sport: Sports Psychology)

aggression meaning in Business Dictionary

Malicious, violent, cruel, or harmful behavior. Aggression can manifest in real actions, particularly physical violence towards others, or perhaps in a far more mental method, such as cruel words or unkind behavior. Aggression can develop in an individual over time, because fury, anxiety, or any bad situations. Functions of violence are occasionally directed at the one thing or individual which created the negative scenario (attacking someone who is bullying you), but can also be inclined to an innocent person (saying something imply towards partner after a bad trip to work).

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aggression meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The first attack, or work of hostility; initial act of injury, or first work causing a war or a controversy; unprovoked attack; attack; as, a war of violence. "Aggressions of power."

Sentence Examples with the word aggression

The natives have also a remedy against the aggression of their rulers in their own hands; it is called Metilas, consists in a general rising and renunciation of allegiance, and proves mostly successful.

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