What does aggregate demand mean?

aggregate demand meaning in Urban Dictionary

*noun*; a thought central toward concept of Keynesian economics. Under this concept, business cycles (recessions, depressions, booms, recoveries) are due to a failure of total demand over the entire economy to match total production. Aggregate demand is certainly not merely impacted by people's ability to get whatever they produce; it's also affected by the marginal tendency to eat (MPC). In the event that MPC is not as much as 1, after that a rise in national earnings will likely to be coordinated by an inferior increase in aggregate demand, causing unemployment to go up and costs to-fall.

aggregate demand meaning in Law Dictionary

the quantity allocated to final goods and services. In an open economy this is generally speaking considered to be the sum consumption, investment, government spending, and web exports. See additionally AGGREGATE PROVIDE.

aggregate demand meaning in Business Dictionary

Total amount of demand for desired goods and services (whenever you want by all groups within a nationwide economy) that produces up the gross domestic item (GDP). Aggregate demand is the sum of usage expenditure, financial investment expenditure, government spending, and web exports.