What does aggravated assault mean?

aggravated assault meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the criminal activity of actually assaulting someone else which results in serious actual harm and/or is produced with a deadly or dangerous tool particularly a gun, blade, sword, ax or blunt tool. Aggravated attack is usually a felony punishable by a phrase in condition jail.

aggravated assault meaning in Law Dictionary

n assault with situations of aggravation, or of a heinous character, or with intent to devote another crinio. In re Burns (C. C.) 113 Fed. 992; Norton v. State. 14 Tex. 393. See ASSAULT. Defined in Pennsylvania the following: "If anybody shall unlawfully and maliciously inflict upon someone else, either with or without the gun or instrument, any grievous bodily harm, or unlawfully slashed, stab, or wound any other person, he will probably be guilty of a misdemeanor," etc. Brightly, I'urd. Dig. p. 434,

aggravated assault meaning in General Dictionary

a reckless attack with intention to injure really (as with a deadly tool)