What does aggravate mean?

aggravate meaning in General Dictionary

To make hefty or heavier to add to to boost

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  • make worse
  • exasperate or irritate
  • to help make heavy or heavier; to increase; to increase.
  • which will make even worse, or maybe more serious; to make less tolerable or less excusable; in order to make more unpleasant; to enhance; to intensify.
  • to provide coloring to in information; to exaggerate; because, to aggravate conditions.
  • To exasperate; to trigger; to irritate.

aggravate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "make heavy, burden down," from past participle adjective aggravate "burdened; threatened" (late 15c.), from Latin aggravatus, previous participle of aggravare "to render more troublesome," actually "to help make hefty" (see aggravation). Earlier in this good sense ended up being aggrege (late 14c.). Meaning "to create a bad thing even worse" is from 1590s; compared to "exasperate, annoy" is from 1610s. To aggravate has actually correctly only 1 definition -- which will make (an evil) even worse or even more serious. [Fowler] Relevant: Aggravated; aggravating. Phrase aggravating conditions is recorded from 1790.

aggravate meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) In order to make heavy or heavier; to add to; to boost.

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  • (v. t.) In order to make even worse, or more serious; to render less bearable or less excusable; which will make much more offensive; to enhance; to intensify.
  • (v. t.) To offer color to in description; to exaggerate; as, to aggravate circumstances.
  • (v. t.) To exasperate; to provoke; to aggravate.

Sentence Examples with the word aggravate

The result was to aggravate her distress.

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