What does agglomerate mean?

agglomerate meaning in General Dictionary

an assortment or mass

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  • gathered into a ball heap or mass
  • To collect in a mass
  • To wind or collect into a ball for this reason to assemble into a mass or everything like a mass
  • type into one group
  • clustered together although not coherent
  • an accumulation items set above each other
  • volcanic rock comprising large fragments fused together
  • To wind or gather into a ball; thus, to assemble into a size or something like a mass.
  • to get in a mass.
  • Alt. of Agglomerated
  • a group or mass.
  • scores of angular volcanic fragments united by temperature; -- distinguished from conglomerate.

agglomerate meaning in Urban Dictionary

an enchanting relationship team composed of 3 or maybe more polyamorous people. (In geology, an agglomerate is a mass composed of volcanic or eruptive fragments which may have united in activity of temperature).

agglomerate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, from Latin agglomeratus, previous participle of agglomerare "to wind or add onto a ball," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + glomerare "wind up in a ball," from glomus (genitive glomeris) "ball of yarn," from PIE root *glem-. Relevant: Agglomerated; agglomerating.

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agglomerate meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To wind or collect into a ball; hence, to collect into a mass or such a thing like a mass.

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  • (v. i.) to gather in a mass.
  • (a.) Alt. of Agglomerated
  • (n.) An assortment or mass.
  • (n.) Quite a few angular volcanic fragments united by heat; -- distinguished from conglomerate.

Sentence Examples with the word agglomerate

The fossils from the Rhaetic beds belong to the Avicula contorta zone, those from the Lias to the Ammonites angulatus zone, while the blocks of limestone with chert contain Inoceramus, Cretaceous foraminifera and other organisms. The materials yielding these fossils are embedded in a course volcanic agglomerate which gives rise to crags and is pierced by acid and basic igneous ricks.

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