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Noun.A by-product of this word agg. Typically refers to someone who tries way too hard become "agg". Mainly is comprised of small children, in chronilogical age of 14, looking to get interest among the older paintball people. Agglets will not be "agg" though, they make the word agg appearance bad, and disgrace the HK army and 1Up Kids. Agglets also frequently state just how "agg" these are typically and boast to folks about HK equipment they usually have. Agglets in addition often not have good playing style which is why they bring down the term agg. A (male) paintballer questioning their sexuality but nevertheless within the closet, which tries to turn paintball into a manner program. A fresh player to paintball and that is not used to tourney paintball generally young and has all their gear payed for them by their parents wich can be over 5 grand quickly. This term normally often applied to real paintball forums like pbnation and even phony online forums which can be all agglets like techpb.